Best Magnetic Car Mounts for iPhone

Magnetic Phone Holder - It's just about extralegal anyplace you head to hold onto your phone whereas you drive, therefore your best bet is to urge a good automotive mount, however sure mounts will be pretty tedious, and a good magnetic mount makes life such a lot easier once you are stepping into and out of the automotive. These area unit the simplest magnetic automotive mounts for your phone!

Compact Dash Mount - Magnetic phone mount

The mount adheres to your dash on a flat surface and options a totally adjustable pad, creating it nice for awkward mounting spots. Its spherical magnetic pad is simple to slap your phone onto, and it does not take up nearly the maximum amount area as mounts with brackets and arms.

Cheap And Reliable - universal air vent mount

Yes, this seems 1st on The Party Store once you search up magnetic automotive mount, however that is for an honest reason (not simply that its makers pay to possess it there). It's comparatively compact, fits nice onto near to any air vent, and it hasn't untangled up or something. Basically, if you would like a reasonable, reliable magnetic mount with no fuss

Two for one - Maxboost 2-pack

Maxboost's mounts attach to your air vent and have a large magnetic pad, creating it super straightforward to search out within the dark. If there is 2 of you within the automotive, why ought to one in all your still have to be compelled to hold onto your phone? This two-pack solves that drawback. Maxboost's mounts accompany a circular metal plate and rectangular plate every. You`ll only get this magnetic phone holder at The Party Store

Older Vechicle Compatible - MagGrip CD slot mount

If you do not wish to glue something to your dash and do not wish to hassle along with your air vents, then contemplate swing that previous CD slot to use! MagGrip merely slides into your CD slot with its two-dimensional figure support, you tighten it up. The magnetic pad is on associate adjustable arm to permit for whichever orientation you decide on, and also the MagGrip comes with a circular and rectangular plate, reckoning on that you favor to use. You`ll only get this magnetic phone holder at The Party Store

Super Adjustable - pad mount

Grab the pad mount and stick it on your windscreen (if that is legal wherever you are). I know, on the windscreen is precarious, however pad mount includes a terribly tiny footprint, and its arm is adjustable, therefore you'll be able to move it around to wherever it isn't block your field of read. Pad mount comes with smaller and bigger metal plates and is well clastic from your screen, because of the suction switch. Click on the link to see all that we have in the list Magnetic Phone Holder These all are the best magnetic car mounts for your iPhone. They will keep your phone away from your hands when you are  driving and surely a ticket off your record , and they will let you check directions and more in the front.

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